At Kellett, we believe that a vital way of supporting the School Aim is through the implementation of technology, across both preparatory and senior campuses.

In the 21st century, understanding and using technology is becoming an integral part of virtually every aspect of daily life. Our responsibility is to prepare students for this digitally literate future.

This is a responsibility that we take seriously, and consequently, Kellett provides an impressive technology-rich learning environment for its students and teachers.

All classrooms have an interactive white board and access to a wired and wireless network to support the use of our laptops, notebooks, Macbooks and PCs. Teachers and students have access to a wide range of software and peripherals to enhance the curriculum, from handheld video cameras and computer aided design (CAD) software to floor robots and hand held data logging devices.

Our teachers successfully integrate this technology into a challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum which addresses students' specific needs, developmental levels and individual learning styles and also supports students in developing the 21st century learning skills they require.