Visual Arts

The Visual Arts programme at Kellett is seen as a vital aspect of all student's development. It plays a valuable role in our broad and balanced curriculum.

Much of the practical work created is linked to other areas of the curriculum, enriching the student's experience in the Art lessons while they gain a deeper understanding of history, religion, culture and science. The nature of creating art demands problem solving skills and higher order thinking, including analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

This process raises self esteem and supports excellent working practices of regular reflection, self assessment and modification of work.

Art at Kellett is an exciting mix of investigating art from around the world, enjoying the hands on sensory practice of using art materials and developing a personal aesthetic judgment. The students are given the opportunity to use a wide variety of media and materials, as you can see from the photographs. In the lessons, students learn to work both independently and collaboratively.

Importance of self expression, risk-taking in a safe and supportive environment and exercising the imagination and creativity of each individual are at the heart of the lessons.