Performing Arts


The Senior Music Curriculum, ECA Activites and Music Trips offer an exciting and dynamic range of opportunities to our students to broaden and develop their love of music. At the centre of our programme is the Senior Music Curriculum, which is dynamically styled to immerse our students in Performance, Composition and the Appraisal of music to an Advanced Level. All activities make full advantage of our purpose built Music Suite, which includes an Apple Music Technology Suite, Rehearsal and Ensemble Rooms, Professional Theatre and Music Library. A dedicated team of Music and Theatre Technicians also support the students, staff and school.

We also offer students the opportunity to attend the annual FOBISIA Music Events both as instrumentalists and vocalists. We are also active members of the International Schools Choral Music Society (ISCMS) and our students have regularly performed in world-class venues such as the Oriental Theatre in Shanghai and the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing.

Throughout the year, there are numerous performance opportunities for all of our students. Some of these events are concerts, some are competitions and workshops and others are combined events with other curriculum areas and the Preparatory school.

Instrumental Programme

Kellett has a large number of music professionals who offer instrumental and vocal tuition to our students. Tuition is offered in:

Flute/Piccolo Trumpet/Cornet  Viola  Electric Guitar
Oboe  French Horn  Cello  Drum Kit 
Clarinet  Trombone  Double Bass  Orchestral 
Saxophone  Lower Brass  Piano  Percussion 
Bassoon  Violin  Classical Guitar  Singing 


The Senior Drama Curriculum, ECAs and Drama Workshops offer a range of explorative and performance opportunities for students to engage with drama as an art form. Drama at Kellett in KS3 is structured to provide a breadth of experience in Making, Performing and Responding and these skills are developed and honed within KS4 and A-Level as they become more sophisticated practitioners. All activities take full advantage of our purpose built spaces from the fully equipped Kellett Theatre, to the Dance and Drama studios. Theatre Technicians also support the department providing guidance to our student technical team.

Throughout the year we offer a number of drama workshops, conducted by our own specialists and also by outside providers. These are targeted to build on the skills developed in curriculum drama but also to provide extension work. A large number of theatre trips also provide drama enrichment to our student population.