Alumni Profiles

At Kellett we pride ourselves on our community. An important part of that community is of course our students, whether present or past. 

We are still in touch with a number of past students, some of whom are featured below. Perhaps they were in your class at school, or maybe you remember one of them as one of the students who towered above you when you first started at Kellett!

Please take some time to view some of our Alumni Profiles.
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  • Jennie - Class of '96

    Jennie Robertson - Class of 1996

    Jennie attended Kellett from Year 2 to Year 6, graduating in 1996. Jennie has a number of fond memories of Kellett including the plays she participated in, particularly her Year 4 concert "Spooksville" and her leavers concert "Hackback" - in its day a modern play on the rise of technology! How much has changed since then!

    Jennie was a netballer and has special memories of her final match against at Kellett, when the students took on the teachers. "We had such a great laugh with our teachers" she recalls.

    Jennie now lives in London working as a clinical psychologist, having completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Jennie was one of the 50 students who attended Kellett's Inaugural Alumni gathering in London, sharing many of her fond memories with classmates and friends from many years ago.  

  • Rachael - Class of '02

    Rachael Hopper - 2000-2002

    Despite spending just two years at Kellett, Rachael cherishes the moments to this day. We asked Rachael to share her top three memories of her life at Kellett with us. Here is what she had to say;

    "Going to Beijing on a school trip and eating Peking duck for the first time. We learnt all about the dynasties and came back and did a big ‘Chinese Evening,’ which was full of fan dances and a journey through the different dynasties."

    "Going on school camp in P6 and having to put up a tent by ourselves (unsuccessful) and cook dinner for ourselves (successful!). All the other camps chose complicated meals but we chose pasta and tomato sauce and ended up feeding most of the other friends – pasta and tomato sauce is still a trusty meal even now, although I have perfected it since!"

    "We had a Harry Potter day at the school and the whole school was turned into a Hogwarts style school and we made our own cloaks and wands. Such an amazing day and felt like magic was really in the air! Still have my Book of Spells that I bought on the day! Really enjoyed all the themed days they used to do – we had a World day where every classroom was a certain country and all the classrooms were decorated with the corresponding countries decorations!"  

    Rachael now enjoys a life filled with creativity and sport, knitting and collecting vintage clothes as well asskiing, swimming and playing netball and hockey. Some hobbies are also becoming a potential career for Rachael, intertwining her obsession with period drama costumes into her degree in Textile Design. Rachael also had the unique opportunity to work on the costumes for the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony!

  • The Bulls Family - Class of 05 & 07

    The Bulls Family 2004-2007


    Imogen (Immy) Bull, class of 2005.

    Currently in the final year of her Masters in BioChemistry at University College London. Immy is living in Shepherds Bush with a Canadian, a French girl and a half Columbian. So international living has never really worn off!


    Philippa (Pippa) Bull, class of 2007. 

    After leaving Beneden School in July 2014, Pip worked for a bit in London to earn pennies for a 3-month trip around South America with school friends. She bumped into a number of Kellett friends en route. On return she did an immersion French course in Montpellier and has just started at Gonville & Caius College Cambridge reading History of Art.


    Matthew (Matt) Bull, left Kellett in 2007 studied in P3.

    Matt is now in Sixth Form at Eton studying pre U Biology and English and A Level Chemistry and Maths. He's doing lots of rowing, trumpet playing and CCF with the usual Mr Cox-inspired singing and drama on the side (about to be Sebastian in Twelfth Night).