School Fee invoices are normally issued four weeks prior to the start of each new term. Fees will be on a pro-rata basis if the student is to start in the middle of a term. The invoice will include the following:

School Fees 2017/18

(subject to HK Education Bureau's approval)

Group Years Autumn Spring Summer Total (HK$)
Preparatory Reception to Year 6 62,920 47,190 47,190 157,300
Senior Year 7 to Year 11 78,160 58,620 58,620 195,400
Senior Year 12 to Year 13 80,480 60,360 60,360 201,200



Other fees:

  • The annual Association Fee of HK$500 is per family
  • Bus fees, uniform, lunch, extra-curricular activities and overseas educational visits are not included in the above.
  • Fees are due on or before the first day of term or by the date shown on the invoice, whichever is earlier.