School Fee invoices are normally issued four weeks prior to the start of each new term. Fees will be on a pro-rata basis if the student is to start in the middle of a term. The invoice will include the following:

School Fees 2016/2017

Group Years Autumn Spring Summer Total (HK$)
Preparatory Reception to Year 6 60,200 45,150 45,150 150,500
Senior Year 7 to Year 11 74,800 56,100 56,100 187,000
Senior Year 12 to Year 13 77,000 57,750 57,750 192,500

Other fees:

  • The annual Association Fee of HK$500 is per family
  • Preparatory activities charge is between HK$350 - HK$1500 (depending on year group)
  • Senior activities charge is HK$1250
  • Bus fees, uniform, lunch, extra-curricular activities and overseas educational visits are not included in the above.
  • Fees are due on or before the first day of term or by the date shown on the invoice, whichever is earlier.

More information on Fees can be found in the following booklet: