Parents' Committee

"The tradition of parent partnership is deeply rooted within our school and is one of which we are very proud."
"The tradition of parent partnership is deeply rooted within our school and is one of which we are very proud."

Kellett School will operate as one school across two campuses. The Parents’ Association (PA) lies at the heart of the school community; the current model has evolved to very effectively meet the needs of the preparatory school, and in doing so is responsible for a number of key functions, all of which are run on an entirely voluntary basis by parents.

A member of the preparatory faculty provides a link between the Parents’ Association and the preparatory school’s academic team, the PA’s Executive Secretary meets regularly with the Principal.

The Parents’ Association Committee currently performs the following roles:

Parents’ Committee - Preparatory Campus

  • Executive Secretary
  • Cooking Room Coordinator
  • Hospitality Coordinator(s)
  • Kellett Cares Coordinator(s)
  • Yearbook Coordinator 
  • Events
  • Special Events
  • Sports Day Coordinator
  • Home-School Liaison Coordinator

Contact details of each coordinator may be found in the school directory.

The Parents’ Committee provides an important link between the School, parents and teachers to help coordinate and support the various school, social and community activities that take place throughout the school year. There are numerous ways to get involved in volunteering at Kellett School and the Parents Committee and Class Parents are just one way. The Coordinators and the Class Parent positions are open to all parents for nomination in June every year.  Meetings of the PC take place regularly throughout term times. In addition, at the Class Coffee Mornings that take place early in the school year there is a call for volunteers to assist in the school.

Occasionally Special Events are proposed by the School and/or the parents. These events must have prior approval by the School and the Board, and overseen by them.

Please note that the PC remit does not extend to matters relating to Educational Policy. These should be referred initially to the Principal or may be referred to the Kellett Board of Governors.  Matters relating to individual pupils should initially be referred to the class teacher.

Any changes to the Parents Committee must be approved by the Board.

  • Executive Secretary


    Coordinates monthly meetings of the PC and communicates on issues with the Principal. The current Chairperson, in conjunction with the Principal will reappoint, or elect a new chairperson for the following year.

  • Coordinators


    Cooking Room Coordinator:

    Checks the Cooking Room, ensuring that all equipment and supplies required regularly are available and purchases these when required. Liaises with the School cleaner on laundry and cleaning requirements. Reviews the recipes used in class.

    Hospitality Coordinator:

    Responsible for organising refreshments at all school events which involve children, parents or visitors outside normal school hours. Orders all stock required. Organises a roster for helpers when required.

    Yearbook Coordinator:

    Organises the team to produce the School Yearbook and Calendar; arranges meetings and oversees the planning and the publication.

    Sports Day Coordinator:

    Responsible for organising Sports Day, in conjunction with the PE teacher. Assists in the organisation of the day and refreshments for parents.

    Kellett Cares Coordinator/s:

    Kellett Cares was established in 2000 to provide the school with a link to the Hong Kong community. It allows the children to partake in assisting a charity or charities throughout the year. The work for the charity is incorporated into the children’s classroom curriculum, and gives the children an understanding of community work. The coordinator convenes and organises a committee of parent volunteers to run the direction of the program for the year.

    Home-School Liaison Coordinator:

    Appointed by the school, to assist in coordinating the activities of the PC and the School, the coordinator attends PC meetings on behalf of the Class Parents, holds regular meetings with the Class Parents, disseminates and distributes any information to the Class Parent and liaises with the teachers and staff at the weekly staff meetings.

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"The tradition of parent partnership is deeply rooted within our school and is one of which we are very proud."