Moving Forward

As Kellett School develops, the structure of the Parent’s Committee will change. There will continue to be one Parent’s Association that umbrellas the school as a whole and this will continue to be led by the Executive Secretary.

The Executive Secretary oversee three campus-based Parent Committees.

  • Pok Fu Lam Preparatory
  • Kowloon Bay Preparatory
  • Kowloon Bay Senior

Each school campus committee will have its own Secretary to head the Campus PA, who in turn will report to the Executive Secretary. Together they will form the Executive Parents Committee (EPC.)

The EPC will oversee the core functions of the Parents Association across the three campuses. These will be:

  • Fundraising/Social Events
  • School Year Book
  • Kellett Cares
  • Hospitality

The two preparatory campus committees will operate a revised parallel operation; the senior committee will be developed in conjunction with the Executive Secretary and Head of Senior Campus.