Ways of Giving


Annual Fund Giving Form 
Case for Support 2016-17
Donor Bill of Rights

To donate please complete the Giving Form (above) and return it to the Development Office together with your donation.

To assist in the tracking of donations, the school requests that the Giving Form, enclosed in the back pocket of the Annual Fund Booklet is completed and returned to the Development Office together with the donation, or the reference for the donation. The Giving Form is also available on the school website and at the main Reception desks of both campuses.

All charitable donations above HK$100 are tax deductible. Kellett School will issue an official receipt within five working days of a receipt of a donation, which may be submitted to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for the purpose of determining Hong Kong Income Tax. Donations may be made in any of the following ways:

Donating Cash

Cash may be placed in the envelope provided and returned to the Development Office together with the completed Giving Form. Envelopes may also be submitted at the Main Reception at both Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay.

Donating by Credit Card (in person)

Gifts can be made using Credit Card at the Pok Fu Lam School Office, Kowloon Bay ECA Office and Kowloon Bay School Shop. The Giving Form should be completed and returned.

Donating by Credit Card (by phone)

Please ask donors to call our main reception (+852 3120 0700) to be put through to a member of staff who is trained to assist with Credit Card payment by phone. The donor should inform the Receptionist that they wish to make a donation by Credit Card over the phone and they will connect them to the right person. Confirmation of a successful donation can be provided at the end of the call. The Giving Form should be completed and returned.

Donating by Cheque

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Kellett School Association Ltd’ (HKD cheques only please) and forwarded to the Development Office with the completed Giving Form.

Donating by Bank Transfer

Gifts can be deposited directly into the school’s bank account. The Development Office should be advised of the transaction reference on the completed Giving Form.

Bank details:

Kellett School Association Ltd

HSBC, 1 Queen’s Road Central

Account Number: 111 064697 001

From overseas: 004 111 064697 001


Donating by Merchant Pay

If a donor banks with HSBC or Hang Seng Bank, they may donate via Merchant Pay.

To pay by Merchant Pay, the following details should be entered:

Category: ANNUAL FUND             Merchant Name: Kellett School Association Limited

Bill Type: 05 (Annual Fund)              Bill Payer Account No: 20162017 (this code replaces an account number and/or invoice number)

The Merchant Pay option allows an individual to make a totally anonymous donation, as the school cannot track where the donation has come from.

If donors who use Merchant pay wish to be acknowledged and receive the receipt, they should include the transaction reference on the completed Giving Form and return it to the Development Office.

Corporate Matching Gift Programmes

As a registered charity and subject to individual company schemes, donations to the Kellett School Annual Fund may qualify for matched contributions by employers. Donors should attach their company’s form to the completed Giving Form and the Development Office will follow up. Donors should not hesitate to contact the Development Office if any queries or for assistance. 

Giving Levels

Below is the list of optional giving levels. These levels act as a guide for those who wish to use it. Donors may choose whether to have their donation listed in these giving levels or not. 










Principal’s Circle


Chairman’s Circle


1976 Society