There are a number of questions which we are regularly asked. In order to make it easier for you, we have listed the most common questions here. Please take your time to browse through the questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact the Development Office. 

  • What is an Annual Fund?

    An Annual Fund is an Advocate-led, yearly fundraising effort where donations are requested from within the school community and where proceeds are used to enhance educational experiences through identified priorities relevant to the school at that given time. Where possible, funds are spent or allocated in the 6-10 months following the campaign to benefit current students. 

    For information on last year’s Annual Fund benefits please view Thank You Magazine 2015-16


  • Why does Kellett invite donations on top of school fees?

    Kellett School is a not-for-profit organisation. Additional income sources such as donations from the Parents’ Committee, The Annual Fund and Friends of Kellett School (FOKs), allow Kellett School to offer special enhancements to the students’ educational experience without affecting school fees. 

  • Who is being asked to give?

    All Kellett parents, staff, school board members, and past donors.

  • Is it compulsory that I donate?

    No. Whilst our primary goal is to build on participation rates achieved in previous years, the school wishes to stress that donations are voluntary and each family’s decision is duly respected. Donations should be freely given with no expectations of personal gain other than due thanks and recognition.

  • Why is participation so important?

    Participation is a testament to what Kellett is doing and a statement to foundations, corporations, and prospective parents and students that Kellett comprises a community actively involved in the advancement of its mission – to engender ‘a love of learning and confidence for life’ in each of its students.

  • Is there a minimum amount I must give if I wish to participate?

    No. You choose what you feel is appropriate for your family to give. Whilst the school would like to match or exceed funds raised in previous years, every contribution is important, valued and appreciated.

  • Will my gift make a difference?

    Absolutely! Every gift has an impact making a positive difference to Kellett School’s students, families, teachers and community. Your gift will also help the school build a culture of philanthropy for the benefit of present and future generations.

  • Who will know the value of what I have donated?

    Donor names and donation brackets will be acknowledged in the annual ‘Thank You’ magazine in the following value range brackets:

    1976 Society                $250,000 and above

    Chairman’s Circle       $100,000-$249,999

    Principal’s Circle         $50,000-$99,999

    Benefactors                  $25,000-$49,999

    Patrons                        $10,000-$24,999

    Supporters                   $2,500-$9,999

    Donors                        $2,499 and below

    Donors have the option to have their name listed but not have their donation bracket disclosed in ‘Thank You’ or to be simply listed as ‘Anonymous’. 

  • Why were donation brackets introduced?

    Donation brackets were introduced at the request of parents who were seeking guidance regarding gifting levels. Donors have the option not to have their donation bracket disclosed in ‘Thank You’ or to be simply listed as ‘Anonymous’. 

  • How will the community be informed of Fund donations?

    Updates to the whole community will be posted on the weekly eBulletin, the termly Kellett Dragon magazine, Kellett’s Facebook page and on projectors at each campus. These updates will include participation percentages, the total value of the fund and all priorities funded. The Annual Fund campaign will run until 18 November after which the total sum raised will be published. 

    ‘Thank You’, the annual magazine to acknowledge Kellett Giving, will be published at the beginning of the next Academic year and will report on funds received as well as funds spent or allocated.  

  • Can I direct my donation to a certain priority or just to the part of the school my child attends?

    The Annual Fund aims to address enhancements for the whole school with a balance of gain for Prep and Senior students in both Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay schools. The priorities have been identified to correlate with the school development plan, in the order that is considered best to match current school curriculum requirements. The school asks that you permit senior management to allocate the funds received responsibly, in the order identified.

    Should an individual wish to financially support an area not listed in the Annual Fund Priorities, the Principal, Ms Ann Mc Donald should be contacted for further discussion.

  • Do other schools in Hong Kong raise money in this way?

    Yes, similar not-for-profit schools in Hong Kong (CIS, HKIS, CNDIS, KGV, Hong Lok Yuen) and elsewhere have identified the need to supplement operating budgets to enhance student programmes.  Annual Funds are recognised as the corner stone of fund-raising for many academic institutions and have a proven record of positive impact. The Kellett School Annual Fund is distinctly Kellett, sensitive in its approach and community inclusive.  

  • What is a Parent Advocate?

    A team of parent volunteers from across the school are recruited each year to provide peer-to-peer information about the Annual Fund. A Parent Advocate will contact each family and you are encouraged to use this contact to understand better the Annual Fund and to ask any questions you may have. Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact the Development Office or any member of the Board of Governors.