Annual Fund Priorities 2016-17

The Annual Fund aims to address enhancements for the whole school with a balance of gain for Preparatory School students in both Pok Fu Lam and Kowloon Bay as well as Senior School students. The priorities have been identified to correlate with the school development plan and prioritised to complement the current school curriculum.

Kellett School’s 5th Annual Fund seeks to realise extraordinary learning enhancement experiences and resources so that all students, from Reception to Year 13, are encouraged and empowered to reach their full potential, both educationally and personally. The bids from across the school have been identified to correlate with the school development plan and prioritised to complement the current school curriculum.  They are listed below in the order in which it is hoped, based on donations received, that enhancements will be realised.    

Priority 1: Music & the Arts - FULLY FUNDED

Multi-Disciplinary Expert in Residence Programme

Kellett School wishes to engage a number of experts to enrich students’ appreciation and learning in music (instrumental and vocal), drama, art, and design technology through workshops, classes, lectures, discussions, rehearsals, performances, and collaborative projects. Below are some of the first-choice experts that the school would like to engage:

Musician in Residence – Andy Gleadhill

Andy is a musician, educator, author, composer, ethnomusicologist and teacher trainer who is renowned for his World-Class Music Workshop in Drumming.


Choral Expert in Residence – Susanna Saw

Susanna specializes in dalcroze (music & movement), kodaly and sol fa techniques and is dedicated to improving standards of classroom music teaching and to the increase of choral knowledge. She founded The Young Kuala Lumpur Singers, The Kuala Lumpur Children’s Choir and her school, the Young Choral Academy.


Drama Expert in Residence - Frantic Assembly

Frantic Assembly is an internationally renowned UK theatre company celebrated for its contemporary, physical and collaborative approach and its ambition to constantly learn and improve whilst making brave and bold theatre. It is a recommended theatre practitioner on UK curriculum (OCR, WJEC, AQA) and on the International Baccalaureate syllabus.


Artist in Residence

DT Expert in Residence

Mr Brian Russell – Consultant, lecturer in Design Technology.

GCSE examination prep by author of the current GCSE Product Design examination course! He is also co-writer of the DT textbook used by students all over the world. He works with a group of ex teachers called ICSAT to provide the only bespoke DT training facilities in Bradford in the UK. www.icsat.co.uk/page4.html

Priority 2 – Academic Enhancement - FULLY FUNDED

Three separate areas as below:

Cookery Room Enhancement in PFL

Together with funds allocated from the Parents’ Committee, Kellett School wishes, through the Annual Fund, to fully modernise, update and refurbish the Cookery Room at the Pok Fu Lam Campus.

Visiting Linguists in European Languages

The Senior School wishes to offer a series of cultural language immersion sessions in French, Spanish and German to students in Years 8 and 9.

Learning Technology Resources

Kellett School would like to purchase 360 degree cameras for use on field trips and other learning environments to help expand discussion and investigative learning and for use in displays and on YouTube.

Priority 3 – Student Leadership - FULLY FUNDED

The Guest Speaker Programme 

Kellett School wishes to continue to invite individuals to the school to inspire students through their personal story.  

Priority 4: Sports - FULLY FUNDED

Enhancing Kellett School Cricket

Kellett School would like to create greater opportunity for students to engage with the game of cricket within school, through the installation of cricket nets for training at the Kowloon Bay campus and by providing opportunities to meet and learn from successful cricketers from around the world.

Priority 5: Leaders in Learning - PARTIALLY FUNDED

Staff Development Courses

Kellett School would like to encourage staff to participate in extra-ordinary training courses around the world to inspire a multi-faceted, tangential delivery of the curriculum, to benefit all the students.