Goals & Aspirations

Our Goals

Our primary goal is to broaden the support for the Annual Fund, building on the participation rates achieved in previous years. We would also like to match, if not exceed the amount raised in the 2015-16 academic year. 

Kellett School is a not-for-profit organisation. All operating costs are funded through school fees, whilst debenture income assists in meeting capital costs. Last year, the Annual Fund delivered an additional HK$2,414,211 for enhancement programmes across the school. Similarly, this year, the Annual Fund seeks to augment the Education Expenses budget to fund the enhancements identified in the 2016-17 Priority List. 

2014 Annual Fund video

Annual Fund Aspirations

Kellett School hopes donations made to the Annual Fund will see a return on investment as follows:

  • An elevated educational experience that results in greater engagement in learning, increased knowledge and the insight to build upon, improve and apply that knowledge appropriately.
  • The advancement of personal and cultural values to promote confident, well rounded students who relish the responsibility of being life-long contributors to society 
  • The development of Kellett School’s local and international reputation as a feeder school to highly regarded universities world-wide
  • The fostering of a culture of philanthropy within Kellett School to benefit current and future students and the whole Kellett Community