Board Members

Kellett School Association Limited Board of Governors

The role of the Board is to manage the school's Strategic Vision, approve School Policy, oversee the management of the business of The Association, comply with Hong Kong law and from time to time, commission an independent school inspection.  

The Board of Governors comprises ex-officio and elected members. The Principal, School Bursar and Educational Advisor are ex-officio members, appointed by the Board from time to time. 

Our current Governors are listed below, along with the information about which year groups their children are in. To contact a member of the Board, please email board@kellettschool.com

Peter Goulston Duncan Abate

Yr 1/Yr 6/Yr 8 - PFL Prep & KLB Senior

Vice Chair

 Yr 7/12 - KLB Senior

Kirsti Mclean Rakesh Manani
Vice Chair

 Yr 12 - KLB Senior

Reception/Yr 4 - PFL Prep

Arne Lindman        Alistair Gough          

Yr 4/11/12 - KLB Prep & Senior

Yr 9 - KLB Senior 

Silvia Pezzini Nicki Taylor

Yr 3/5 - PFL Prep

Yr 9/12 - KLB Senior 

Robert Knight   Alex Woodthorpe

Yr 9/12 - KLB Senior

Reception/Year 2 - KLB Prep

Warren Allderige Jonathan Harris

Yr 7 - KLB Senior

           Yr 1/4 - PFL Prep

David Coles  

Educational Advisor