Football at Kellett has grown year upon year and it is now becoming a sport that we are establishing a name for ourselves in. We have many students who take part both recreationally and competitively in Years 7-12.

Each team has a dedicated coach who takes training and matches, lending their expertise and playing experience to our students, enabling them to be the best players they can be. Kellett’s Football teams are entered into the ISSFHK (International School Sports Federation Hong Kong League) where we will be playing a variety of international schools. We currently have extremely strong teams in U12, U14 and U20 categories which you can access here:


The philosophy at Kellett is based around ‘being prepared to lose to win’. We try to play open, attractive and attacking football, where the emphasis is on ‘team’ rather than ‘individual’, although individual skills form part of the cohesive unit. We strongly believe that youth is the future and spend time developing the mental, physiological (including diet and lifestyle) and technical areas of our charges. Seniors are encouraged to pass on their experience and skills to the younger players by coaching, supporting or refereeing the juniors.

Every boy and girl is given the opportunity to represent Kellett and has a valuable role to play. A key quality that the school encourages is bravery; to be confident and brave on the pitch, not in terms of 50-50 tackles but having the ball and looking to play in areas others wouldn’t. It takes a lot of hard work and courage but the basic idea is that, if you can keep the ball, you are not working as hard as the other team. Keeping hold of the ball is not just about passing, it is about moving to find space and provide options, so you have to be fit. The work ethic of the Kellett teams is extremely high.

The students will receive a high level of coaching, which will take them through a range of basic skills to advanced skills dependent on ability. The collective experience of the coaching staff at Kellett School is a fantastic asset to the school.

A number of our students play for a variety of clubs around Hong Kong and we encourage as many as possible to join clubs to enhance their playing performance. An advantage of not having a regular Saturday school programme means that our young football players can get the best of both worlds. We strongly believe a balance of school sport and club sport is the ideal formula for development and a recipe for some very enjoyable experiences.

Football Achievements 2015/16

  • U14 Girls Silver medalists - 2nd in Division 1 ISSFHK
  • U20 Girls Gold medalists - 1st in Division 1 ISSFHK (Unbeaten in 3 years)

Grades & Year groups

Competition period

Grade A (U20) – Year 12-13


February - A

Grade C (U14) – Year 8-9


August - November

Grade D (U12) – Year 7


April - June