Hockey at Kellett is a fairly new addition to the programme however it is definitely growing and a sport that we would like to become well established amongst the extra-curricular activities. We have many students who take part both recreationally and competitively in Years 7-12. At present we have a girls grade C hockey teams in the HKSSF Hockey league.(http://www.hkssf-hk.org.hk/hk/sec/events/hk.htm)

Each team has a dedicated coach who takes training and matches, lending their expertise and playing experience to our students, enabling them to be the best players they can be. Kellett’s Hockey teams are entered into the HKSSF (Hong Kong School Sports Federation) league where we will be playing a variety of local and international schools.

The collective experience of the coaching staff at Kellett School is a fantastic asset to the school. Ranging from National representation and Premier League players to High Performance coaches there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire young players. Ultimately, the hockey coaches at Kellett School love what they do and that shines through in their sessions. Our aim is to help our students get what they want out of sport to achieve the ‘Best in Everyone'. This may be a run around with friends or this may be aspirations to represent Great Britain in an Olympic games. We will do everything we can to help make this a reality.

Sports tours can be great experiences that can last a lifetime as well as a perfect way to develop as an athlete. This is something that Kellett School will be considering in the coming years.

A number of our students play for a variety of clubs around Hong Kong and we encourage as many as possible to join clubs to enhance their playing performance. An advantage of not having a regular Saturday school programme means that our young hockey players can get the best of both worlds. We strongly believe a balance of school sport and club sport is the ideal formula for development and a recipe for some very enjoyable experiences!

The Hockey syllabus has been designed to give our students the best possible chance for success both as teams and individuals.

Grades & Year groups

Competition period

Grade C Year 7/8/9

January - March

Ms S Hill