The FOBISIA Games are an international competition in which students can compete at an U13 and U15 level against six international schools within Asia. The FOBISIA Games provide students with a variety of sporting opportunities at an appropriate level in a safe and competitive environment.

The FOBISIA Games ensure equal opportunity and participation for boys and girls in Swimming, Athletics, Basketball and Football as well as providing a learning experience in sportsmanship and the value of healthy competition. Furthermore participation allows competitors to understand the significance and benefits of training in preparation for competition. Each FOBISIA Games provides excellent opportunities for those selected to represent the school to compete at a high standard, travel overseas with the school, contribute as a team member and make new friends.

Kellett School competes within the A2 group against Dulwich College Beijing, Taipei European School, British International School Shanghai Pudong, British International School Vietnam and British International School Jakarta. Each school takes it in turn to host the games.

Kellett School has had high success within the FOBISIA Games and students see it as a real honour to be selected to represent Kellett at the games. Each student will partipate in trials for each of the four sports before a final team selection is made. Trials and training begin in August for the U15 team and January for the U13 team.


Kellett Success

U13 Games results hosted by Taipei European School (March 2015)

Gold: Athletics, Girls Football, Boys Football, Girls Basketball

Silver: Swimming

U15 Games results hosted by British International School Jakarta (November 2014)

Gold: Athletics, Girls Basketball

Silver: Swimming

Bronze: Boys Football

U13 Games hosted by Seoul Foreign School (March 2014)

Gold: Athletics

Silver: Girls Basketball, Boys Football, Swimming

Bronze: Girls Football

U15 Games hosted by Kellett School (November 2013)

Gold: Athletics, Swimming, Girls Football, Girls Basketball

Silver: Boys Football, Boys Basketball

2015/16 Games are hosted by:

U15: Dulwich College Beijing (13th November - ) Website link: http://www.fobisia.org/

U13: Kellett School (16th March - ) Website link: http://www.fobisia.org/

Samantha Hill

FOBISIA Games Coordinator