Optimal Learning

"We strive to develop confident, articulate and well-rounded students."
"We strive to develop confident, articulate and well-rounded students."

Year 7

Optimal Learning

Hours Per Week: 1

Subject Code: 7OL

Kellett Students live in a fast paced dynamic world driven by ICT; they need a range of personal and interpersonal skills as they enter the work place, and undertake their learning within all of their subject areas. Optimal learning is designed to equip students with a range of skills that they can apply to their learning in other curriculum areas. In addition, specific literacy and numeracy skills are continuously being used by students across a large number of subject areas. In Optimal Learning, these skills are explicitly identified, explored, practiced and their application in other subject areas discussed.  This has a positive impact on learning that occurs in other subject areas as well as providing an opportunity to challenge and support students as appropriate.

The units are delivered in small groups of approximately 12 – 14 students with Learning Support and the Librarian timetabled in to support and extend students as appropriate. Students work for an hour a week in their Optimal Learning groups and there is a clear expectation that students will apply the skills, as appropriate, in all curriculum areas.

Year 7 Units

Term One:

Introduction to skills for Senior school

Laptop Induction

ICT Skills

Term Two and Three:

Literacy skills and numeracy skills tailored to meet the current cohort and their individual needs.





Optimal Learning is not formally assessed. Ongoing assessment of skills and where the students have applied these in other subjects will take place frequently throughout the year.

"We strive to develop confident, articulate and well-rounded students."