Sporting Success

Kellett School enjoyed an incredibly successful 2016-17 with regards to sports. Listed below are some of our great achievements over the past year across all team and individual sports.

  • Athletics
    HKSSF: Division 3 Championships  
     Boys Overall 9th Place
    Girls Overall 12th Place
    Charlotte Weener (Shot Putt) 1st Place
    Long Long Turner (5000m) 1st Place
    Liam Doherty (400m) 1st Place
    Joah Fabiani (400m) 1st Place
    Jacky Moorrees (800m) 4th Place
    Tomos Lewis (800m) 3rd Place
    Sophia Tang (1500m) 3rd Place
    Katy Wood (1500m) 3rd Place
    Loughlin Davidson (800m) 1st Place
    Jessica Irvine (100m) 2nd Place


    ISSFHK: Championships  
    Overall 6th Place
    Girls Overall 4th Place
    Boys Overall 6th Place
    U14 Boys 4th
    U12 Boys 4th
    U12 Girls 1st
  • Basketball
    ISSFHK Championships Girls Div 1  
    U16 Girls 1st Place
    U12 Girls 4th Place


    ISSFHK Championships Boys Div 2  
    U14 Boys 1st Place
  • Cross Country
    HKSSF: Girls Division 2  
    Overall 7th Place
    Girls C Grade 2nd Place
    Sophia Tang 2nd Place
    Jacquie Morreess 5th Place
    Girls B Grade 8th Place
    Katy Wood 4th Place


    HKSSF: Boys Division 3  
    Overall 2nd Place
    Boys C Grade 5th Place
    Tomos Lewis 8th Place
    Boys B Grade 2nd Place
    Loughlin Davidson 1st Place
    Adam Kiely 5th Place
    Boys A Grade 2nd Place
    Long Long Turner 1st Place
    Jo Rabey 3rd Place


    ISSFHK Championships  
    Overall 2nd Place
    U12 Girls 1st Place
    U12 Boys 1st Place
    U14 Girls 3rd Place
    U14 Boys 3rd Place
    U16 Boys 2nd Place


  • Fencing
    Christelle Ko U14 GB Foil Champion


    U13 FOBISIA, Harrow Bangkok  
    Swimming 2nd Place
    Athletics 1st Place


    U15 FOBISIA, British School Manila  
    Athletics 4th Place
    Girls Basketball 2nd Place
    Swimming 4th Place
  • Football
    ISSFHK Championships  
    U14 Boys Football 3rd Place
    U20 Girls Football 4th Place
  • Netball
    HKSSF Championships Division 1  
    Grade A 3rd Place
    Grade B1 1st Place
    Grade B2 3rd Place
    Grade C 4th Place

    ACAMIS Shanghai U19 Netball Invitational - 1st Place

  • Rowing
    HK Schools Invitational       2nd      


  • Rugby
    U19 Boys Sevens Squad (HKSSF League) Plate Finalists
    U19 Boys Sevens Squad (Bill Williams Invitational Sevens Tournament Plate Finalists
    U19 Boys Sevens Squad (ACAMIS Sevens Competition) Champions
    U16 Boys XV's Grand Championship Runners Up
    U16 Boys XV's (HKSSF League) 2nd Place
    U16 Boys Sevens Squad (HKSSF League) Plate Finalists
    U14 Girls Touch Rugby (ISSFHK League) 4th Place
    U12 Boys Tens Squad (Division 2) 2nd Place


    Kellett rugby continues to grow, with this year being our most successful one to date. For the first time we took an U19 touring team to compete in the ACAMIS Sevens Competition in Shanghai, where we came away from the two day competition unbeaten and worthy champions. The same squad also reached the Plate Finals of two other sevens competitions. The U16 XV squad proved to be our most successful XV team, finishing 2nd in the league and reaching the Grand Championship Finals, as well as reaching the Plate Finals in the HKSSF Sevens Competition. 

  • Sailing
    FOBISIA Sailing Championships  
    Overall 2nd Place
    Optimist Division 1st
    Team Racing Division 2nd


    HK Interschool's Sailing Championships Pico Division 1st


  • Swimming
    CIS Invitational Swimming Meet    
    Overall   1st Place
    Liam Doherty 50BR 2nd Place
    Kate Donowho 100F 3rd Place
    Bella Nicholls 50F 3rd Place
    Emily O'Dell 50BR 1st Place
    Neil Pendry 50BR 3rd Place
    Katelyn Tang 50F 2nd Place
      50FLY 3rd Place
    Peter Whittington 100F 1st Place
      50F 1st Place
      100BS 1st Place
      50FLY 2nd Place
    Long Long Turner 50F 3rd Place
      100BS 2nd Place
      50Fly 3rd Place


    ISSFHK Swimming Championship    
    Dawn Chang FRelay 4th Place
    Abigail Fleming FRelay 4th Place
    Matthew Fung 200IM 4th Place
    Toby Hughes 50FLY 4th Place
    Emily O'Dell 100BR 3rd Place
    Katelyn Tang 200IM 4th Place
      50FLY 2nd Place
      FRelay 4th Place
    Mia Walls 200F 4th Place
      FRelay 4th Place
    Peter Whittington 200IM 4th Place
      100BS 1st Place


  • Hockey
    Grade C Girls HKSSF Division 1 4th Place