Students with Special and Specific Needs

"We would encourage all families to visit our school prior to applying or accepting a place"
"We would encourage all families to visit our school prior to applying or accepting a place"

Assistance for Students with Special and Specific Needs

All students accepted into Kellett School, including those students with special needs identified prior to entry or during the admissions process, are required to be able to join regular classes and study alongside their peers.  Kellett School operates ‘The Team Around The Child Approach’. This means, when possible Kellett School facilitates as many of a student’s additional external service providers within Kellett School. Currently Kellett School facilitates Speech and Occupational therapy services. Such services, if required, are supplied by external therapists and any fees charged by these external providers are billed at cost to parents.

The assessment process may require an interview or further interview with the applicant and his/her parent. Should the applicant currently attend a place of education (kindergarten, nursery, school), a visit to see the applicant in that setting may be made by Kellett School staff, with the consent of the child's parent(s), in order to determine:

  • Any specific or special needs of the applicant
  • The applicant's ability to meet the Curriculum Requirement
  • What reasonable accommodation can be provided by Kellett School

No additional assessment fee is levied to applicants who may be identified with specific or special needs.

In the event that additional support over and above that expected in a suitably differentiated classroom setting is required to meet the Curriculum Requirement, an applicant with specific needs will only be admitted if the appropriate additional specialist support from the Kellett School Inclusion Team is available and it is determined by Kellett School that the  needs can be reasonably met, and that this can be achieved without materially adversely affecting the needs of other students at the School.

In the event that Kellett School determines an applicant’s additional needs may be met but the required additional provision is unavailable at the preferred entry point, an applicant may remain on the waiting list subject to admissions’ priority status and until such time as both a place and provision is available.  

Applicants are not usually admitted if their specific needs or conduct are such that they may adversely impact other student's access to and progress through the Kellett School curriculum; and/or following assessment an applicant’s needs exceed those that can be reasonably met within the mainstream school setting at Kellett School.

Entry may be offered to applicants who receive additional specialised support outside Kellett School, provided this support enables them to be successful within an age appropriate curriculum offered by the School.  It should be understood however, that those applicants who need extensive support by the School beyond the regular classroom setting, may have difficulty gaining admission (for example the need for an alternative individual curriculum rather than supported access to the mainstream curriculum).  Where such entry is agreed it is a pre-requisite that both the parents and those providing external support agree to work together with Kellett School and within Kellett School’s resources and expertise to support the student.

From time to time, and when no further additional Kellett School resources are available to meet a student’s specific needs, Kellett School may advise parents that a part time or full time ‘one-to-one’ support assistant is advisable in order to permit Kellett School to continue to meet their child’s needs. Should this be advised a percentage of the cost of the assistant’s salary is charged to the parent on a termly basis.

Over time should it become apparent that a student’s needs are becoming increasingly complex and their support requirements are such that they can no longer be effectively met by Kellett School’s ‘Team Around The Child Approach’, and that as a result a student may not be making the desired progress, Kellett School may recommend alternative provision and will work with the parents (and where appropriate their child) in order to find an appropriate alternative school placement.

Parents whose child has specific/special needs are encouraged to consult directly with Kellett School before applying for admission, to discuss the needs of their child and what reasonable accommodation can be provided by the School in respect of the arrangements for the application process and admission.

Admission decisions for applicants with specific or special needs are made by members of the academic team, the Deputy Head of School (with responsibility for Inclusion) and where appropriate the Head of Student Wellbeing.

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"We would encourage all families to visit our school prior to applying or accepting a place"