Kellett's 40th Anniversary Celebrations

On 5 November 2016, history was made, as Kellett School, in celebration of their 40th Anniversary, set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the 'Largest Human Image of a Boat'! The Hong Kong inspired record attempt saw 1,325 people assume the image of a traditional Hong Kong junk, beating the previous record of 323 participants by over 1000! 

Kellett would like to extend a huge congratulations and thank you to everyone who came to participate in the record attempt as well as to all the parent and staff volunteers who dedicated their time to ensure the day ran smoothly. Finally, thanks to our Gold Sponsor JLL, who not only provided invaluable support for the day, but also feature at the heart of Kellett School and all of the school's successes. 

Gold Sponsor:


  • Event Rundown

    11:00am – Doors Open

    11:45am – All participants must have arrived at Kellett School by this time

    11:45am – Special Appearance from Hong Kong Players (SkyPitch)

    12:25pm – All participants in position ready to begin record attempt

    12:30pm – Kellett School’s Guinness World Records™ attempt begins

    12:31pm – All participants to sing the school song together

    12:45pm – Lunch (see below)

    12:50pm - Guinness World Records™ result announcement

    12:45-3:30pm – Student bands, games (free of charge), food and drinks

    3:45pm – Buses depart

  • Sky Pitch Floor Plan

  • Tickets


    Ticket sales have now closed as we have reached the maximum number possible for the record attempt. It is important that you please remember to print your ticket and bring it with you on the day. As part of the Guinness World Records™ requirements, tickets must be scanned at the point of entry. Entry cannot be granted to anyone without a ticket and tickets cannot be purchased on the day.

    All participants should have been allocated a specific 'zone'. Your zone determines which entrance you use upon arrival at the campus, where you will stand in the lead up to the record attempt, and which food station you will pick up your lunch from. For more information on where the zones are located, please view the Sky Pitch Floor Plan. 

  • Buses


    There are a total of 6 bus routes. Buses need to be booked through Ticketflap, when you book your tickets. Tickets including a seat on a bus must be booked before 12 noon on Friday 28 October.

    Route #1 (Stanley & Tai Tam)

    Stanley Beach Rd Car Park (next to Bus Terminal) - pick up time > 10:25am

    The Manhattan Tai Tam Rd - pick up time > 10:30am

    Redhill Plaza opp. side Tai Tam Rd  Bus Stop - pick up time > 10:35am

    Route#2 (Repulse Bay & HK Country Club)

    Repulse Bay Road Bus Stop before Ferrari/Maserati Repulse Bay Showroom - pick up time > 10:25am

    HK Country Club Bus Stop - pick up time > 10:35am 

    Route#3 (Mid levels)

    23 Old Peak Road (28 seats only) - pick up time > 10:30am


    Route #4 (Peak)

    Peak Galleria - pick up time > 10:30am

    Peak Road Sinopec Patrol Station - pick up time > 10:40am


    Route #5 (Pok Fu Lam)

    Bel-Air Cyberport Club House - pick up time > 10:10am

    Baguio Villa Patrol Station (opp. side bus stop) - pick up time > 10:20am

    50 Mount Davis Rd (St. Clare's School) - pick up time  > 10:30am

    Route #6 (Sai kung & Clearwater Bay)

    Clearwater Bay Road Silverstrand Mart opposite Carpark - pick up time > 10:40am

  • Costume



    1. Dragon Headdress – this is included with each ticket and will be distributed when you arrive at the school.

    2. Red t-shirt/top – all participants are required to wear a plain red t-shirt/polo shirt/shirt/top. If you already own a plain red top with no logos, slogans etc then you are welcome to wear this. If not, adult sized red t-shirts will be available for sale at the 1/F ECA counter on the day of the event at $110 each. In addition, Kellett Cares will be selling second hand Prep PE shirts for students who would like to purchase one on the day. These will also be available at the 1/F ECA counter. Prep students may wear their PE shirt. The logo on the sleeve is allowed in this case.

    We ask that, in addition to this, participants wear a dark (black or navy) colour on the bottom half.

    Please note that dragon headdresses are not provided to children under the age of 4 however, we are fully aware that everyone attending will want one of these lovable dragons so we will be selling additional dragon headdresses school on the day for HK$100 each and sales are open to all so that everyone can enjoy them!

    Example of appropriate outfit: