The School Day

Structure Of The School Day

The Senior School Week is designed to allow teachers and students a significant amount of curriculum time together and to give time for students to meet, work and socialise with other students outside of curriculum lesson time as well as participate in Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) which are offered before school starts, at lunchtime and after lessons end.

The day always starts with an assembly or time with the Form Tutor. Lessons are either 55 or 50 minutes long and there is a 5 minute travel time between lessons.

One day a week is always a Formal Dress Day.


7.50 School Starts  
7.50-8.10 Senior School Assembly/ House Assembly/ Form Tutor   
8.15-9.10 Lesson 1  
9.15-10.10 Lesson 2  
10.10-10.30 Break  
10.30-11.25 Lesson 3  
11.30-12.25 Lesson 4  
12.25-13.20 Lunch / Extra-curricular activities  
13.20-14.10 Lesson 5  
14.15-15.05 Lesson 6  
15.05 Lessons End Y7-Y11  
15.15 + Extra-curricular activities  
15:10 - 16:00 Lesson 7 ( Sixth Form)  
16:00 Lessons End for the Sixth Form