Creative Arts


Art at Kellett is highly respected within the school community and has outstanding success. 

The Art curriculum focuses upon building a wide range of skills in a breadth of disciplines that encompasses drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture. 

The Kowloon Bay campus has three, well equipped, spacious Art studios, a large open plan working space and exhibition area that creates an exceptional learning environment. The students’ works have a high profile around the school with regular displays and an annual exhibition, both in school and at an external public venue. 

The department has two full time, highly experienced staff, both of whom are practising artists and a full time technician with strong graphic design and digital skills. 

Students are taught to analyse the works of other artists and are encouraged to visit galleries both in Hong Kong and whilst traveling overseas. 

Local and international artists are regularly invited to use the exhibition and working space and present their work to the students. This relationship with practising artists is invaluable in building a deeper appreciation of other artists’ working practices. 

High expectations are placed upon the students in all year levels and the units of work are often ambitious and designed to inspire a strong sense of creativity and individualism. All students are able to enjoy and learn to appreciate Art making and Art studying and build upon their creative successes in a positive, nurturing environment.