Janice Kwan Memorial Lecture on Faith - Guest Speaker John Wood, Room to Read
Monday 18th April
Annual Fund Guest Speaker Programme

On Thursday 7 April, Kellett School held the annual ‘Janice Kwan Memorial Lecture on Faith’ in the Kellett Theatre. Each year the lectures celebrate the life of Janice Kwan, a late member of staff who was involved in many aspects of school life here at Kellett. As a professed Christian, she spoke annually to our Senior School students as part of their study of world faiths. 

Thanks to the Annual Fund, this year we welcomed guest speaker John Wood, Founder and Board Co-chair of the charity organisation Room to Read. Room to Read works in collaboration with communities and governments across Asia and Africa to develop the literacy skills of young children, as well as supporting girls to complete their educations and gain the life skills that they will need to succeed in school and beyond.

During his inspirational talk, watched by Senior School students, staff and parents alike, John spoke about the importance of having faith, whether it be faith in a religious sense, faith in what you are doing, or faith in yourself to make the right decision. He spoke of how his strong beliefs helped him leave his highly-paid job at a multi-national technology company, to start his charity organisation. He recalled how his family members had faith in him and believed that he was making the right decision, despite the fact that others thought he was making a mistake. Now, several years later, John has changed the lives of millions of children across the world, has built thousands of libraries and schools across Africa and Asia, and has an enriched and fulfilled life doing what he loves and truly believes in.

This powerful message resonated strongly with our students, who engaged in a very lively Q&A session after the lecture. This, as John stated, was his personal highlight of the afternoon.

On behalf of Kellett School, we would like to extend a huge thanks to John Wood for giving such a wonderful speech, and for being a part of the Janice Kwan Memorial Lecture on Faith. Furthermore, thank you to all of the supporters of our Annual Fund, without whom this would not have been possible.