An outstanding building to match an outstanding education
Tuesday 10th May
Kowloon Bay Buildings

The year 2013 marked the final completion of Kellett School’s Kowloon Bay campus, and thus the beginning of a new era for the school. No longer would Kellett’s Senior School be housed in temporary accommodation, but instead a brand new, and now, award-winning campus awaited.

The Kowloon Bay campus has been recognised as having a first-class design, and as such, has won and been nominated for various highly regarded design awards. The School worked closely with architecture firm P&T Group to bring to life a building designed specifically to support an Outstanding education. Already the envy of visiting schools, students and teachers, these awards truly reflect the quality of the building that not only houses state-of-the-art facilities, but also encourages, enables and enhances learning for students and staff alike.  

In February 2016, Kellett School was nominated for the Quality Building Award (QBA) 2016, in the ‘Hong Kong Non-Residential’ category. The QBAs recognise buildings of outstanding quality throughout Asia, both residential and non-residential. After various presentations and submissions, Kellett was selected as a Finalist in their category, placing them in the top 7 ‘Hong Kong Non-Residential’ buildings. This is an honour in itself. In addition, it puts the school forward as a candidate for the Grand Award and, if successful, the school will be in contention for the Quality Excellence Award, which is given to the overall best design featured across all categories. Results are expected in June 2016 and the school looks on with anticipation.

Kellett has also won the International Property Award (IPA) for ‘Best Public Service Architecture Hong Kong’. The IPAs are widely recognised as a world-renowned mark of excellence, and it is understood that Kellett School is the first school from Hong Kong to receive it.

The success of the campus is down to its ability to provide a natural learning environment. This was a key factor when the School worked with P&T Group during the design stages. Ventilation, natural light and wide-open areas were just some of the aspects that were discussed and incorporated. Classrooms located on the outside of the building allowed for large windows and well-lit spaces. Expansive atriums with skylights create common places in which students can socialise and also provide space for school events. Trees inside the school add a natural aspect to the feel and environment of the campus. Head of Senior School, Mr Giddings, is immensely proud of the building and what it offers to students and staff. ‘When you walk around the school you can see teaching happening, you can see learning happening. That was a major focus in the design and it has come off extremely well… it adds a huge degree of functionality to what we do and it makes the whole campus feel very inclusive.’

A video of the Kowloon Bay campus was created as part of the presentation process for the awards and acts as a great celebration of the campus and the learning that happens within it. The video is available at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeHfphEu4xU