"Kellett School is an outstanding school"
Friday 3rd June
Kellett Academic

Kellett School is an outstanding school, as stated in the report from the latest BSO Inspection.

In March of this year, Kellett School underwent a rigorous and thorough, voluntary inspection, carried out by the Department for Education (DfE), under the BSO inspection framework whereby schools are inspected against a common set of standards that British schools overseas can choose to adopt. The purpose of this inspection is to provide transparent information to students, parents, staff, managers and governing bodies on the overall effectiveness of the school and the standard of education that it provides in comparison to schools in the UK.

This is not the first time that Kellett has undergone such an inspection. In 2010, Kellett achieved the accolade of ‘outstanding’, the highest possible outcome. However, this year’s achievement is somewhat different to that of 2010. As the Prep School has maintained its outstanding recognition, the Senior School has now matured to match that outstanding status, meeting the highest standards expected of a British independent school. Despite the graduation of only two cohorts of Year 13s, the report’s comments on Kellett’s Sixth Form were particularly rewarding. “The quality of teaching across Key Stage 5 is outstanding. Teachers possess excellent subject knowledge and are acutely aware of their students’ capabilities.”

The title of ‘outstanding’ is not readily distributed to all schools. Over time, the inspections have become more rigorous, adapting to the ever evolving landscape of education and the higher standards of teaching and pastoral care that parents expect for their children. Kellett’s achievement is one that is the result of complete cohesion, from teaching staff to administration, from parents to students. It takes into account not only the quality of education provided through the curriculum and teaching, but also the personal development of pupils, their welfare, health and safety, and the leadership and management of the school, amongst many other things.

Though the scrutiny of the inspections may have increased since 2010, the ‘outstanding’ outcome for Kellett remains the same. This is a fantastic achievement for the Kellett Community as a whole, and one that is great cause for celebration. In its 40th year, and after only its 2nd cohort of Year 13 graduates from its Senior School, this achievement truly shows the dedication of all members of Kellett, who strive to create an outstanding learning environment that instils a ‘love of learning and confidence for life’ in all of its students.

The full report can be viewed here.