Kellett School 40th Anniversary Celebrations
Friday 25th November
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On 5 November 2016, a new world record was achieved in Hong Kong, as 1325 people gathered at Kellett School’s Kowloon Bay campus adorning outfits that represented the ‘Kellec Hung Lung’, (the Kellett Dragon), to break a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title. Paying homage to Hong Kong, the city in which the British School was established and has flourished, students, parents, staff members, alumni and friends, all gathered together to form one of the most iconic Hong Kong images; a traditional Hong Kong junk. This was in celebration of Kellett School’s 40 years in Hong Kong, during which time the school has seen a massive transformation from a modest role of 44 children in 1976, to a student population of a little over 1,300 today. 

At 11:30am  the doors to Kellett’s multiple award-winning campus were officially opened, and members of the Kellett Community filed in, eagerly anticipating the record-breaking day ahead. With the campus decorated with old Kellett memorabilia, and photos dating back to the mid-1970s, participants were entertained with games and musical performances, before the record attempt took place. At 12:30pm, after a well-choreographed move for all participants to gather in their positions, the Kellett Community stood together in formation to create their Hong Kong junk image. With an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ adjudicator standing by, all 1325 participants stood in position for the required 5 minutes, during which time a few renditions of the Kellett School song were heard, as well as a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’.

The entire record attempt was being captured live by drone and, after a careful review of the recorded evidence, the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ adjudicator addressed the crowd to announce the results. The tension was palpable, and all eyes were fixed on the stage. Finally, to the relief and excitement of the entire community, it was announced that Kellett School had broken the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the ‘Largest Human Image of a Boat’! The Kellett Community cheered in celebration and, after a few congratulatory words from Principal Ann Mc Donald, continued to enjoy their day, with the added excitement of being world record holders.  

Ms Mc Donald, who has overseen Kellett for 20 of its 40 years, said that reaching such a milestone was cause for a record-breaking celebration. “Kellett School has always been a tight-knit community and, as such, we wanted to do something that could involve as many people as possible, whilst creating a lasting memory for all of our participants. 2016 has been a remarkable year for the school, and this day not only celebrates our anniversary, but also all of the wonderful things that our students and school as a whole have achieved, as well as our past students and staff members who have helped Kellett become what it is today.” 

Kellett School’s Head Boy and Head Girl were present among the sea of red dragons to celebrate. Head Boy Oliver Overman said, “It’s wonderful that the Kellett Community can celebrate 40 fantastic years in a way like this, with everyone dressed as dragons. To get a world record on top of that is just perfect!” Head Girl Lily Pettifar added, “It’s amazing how both campuses of our school can come come to gether this way. It’ll be a day that everyone remembers!”

Today’s achievement rounds off a wonderfully successful year for Kellett School. 2016 began with a full-school BSO Inspection, the result of which saw Kellett receive the ‘outstanding’ mark, the highest possible accolade. Following on from that, were a fantastic set of I/GCSE and A-level results, two design awards for the Kowloon Bay campus and recently an award for excellence for JLL, the company behind the Kowloon Bay campus’ management and maintenance.