The David Kidd Theatre
Tuesday 13th December
Kellett Senior School

After 14 years as Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr David Kidd has retired from his post, and passed the baton into the very capable hands of Mr Peter Goulston. David Kidd’s impact on Kellett has been so profound, that it seemed fitting that a long-lasting reminder of his service to the school be displayed as a token of gratitude.

The Kellett Theatre is one of the Kowloon Bay campus’ proudest facilities, and is the envy of visiting students and teachers from across the world. The theatre has now proudly been renamed ‘The David Kidd Theatre’, and will forever stand as a reminder of the dedication that Mr Kidd has shown to Kellett School.

As well as his time as Chairman coming to an end, at the end of this academic year, David’s 18-year spell as a Kellett parent will culminate with the graduation of his daughter, Eliza, the third of his three daughters to pass through the school.

When David assumed his role as Chairman in 2002, Kellett was a very different school to the one that we know today. Though the school was in good heart, with a strong community and firm education agenda, the uncertainties of post-Handover Hong Kong remained. The school weathered the storm, and since then, Kellett has gone from a Prep School of 300 students to a full through-train school educating over 1300 students across three campuses. The school has to its name two ‘outstanding’ BSO Inspection accreditations, fantastic examination results and university placements, award winning facilities and a Guinness World Record breaking community – to name but a few! None of these achievements would have been possible without David’s constant support, unwavering optimism and endless generosity.

We reflect upon David’s contributions with thanks and appreciation, and will be eternally grateful for his support. Kellett School wishes David and his family all the best for their futures, and looks forward to hearing of all the successes that are sure to accompany the Kidd family.

Kellett now looks ahead with excitement, to a new era under Mr Peter Goulston.